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"Navajo"A cast granite head with glass eyes. Genuine silver earrings and acrylic paint Life size, $750.00 - People -

"Sitting Bull"
"Sitting Bull" A life size bust made of cast granite. Glass eyes (with a tear welled up), copper feather and acrylic paint. $950.00 - People -

"Lady"A cast granite, copper, glass eye and acrylic paint sculpture 30'' tall x 22" wide x 14" deep$2550.00 - People -

"Hanna With A Monarch"
"Hanna With A Monarch"A full size full body sculpture made of cast granite, glass eyes, sterling silver and acrylic paint.48" tall x 21" deep x 10" wide. $4,000.00 - People -

"The Fay Kids"
"The Fay Kids" Cast granite, glass eyes and acrylic paint sculptures.Portraits $1500.00 Each - People -

"Banjo Man"
"Banjo Man"Life size mixed media. Primarily wood. SOLD - People -

"Chinese Lady"
"Chinese Lady"Full size [28"] bust. Made from cast stone, glass eyes and acrylic paint.$2550.00 - People -

"Babe Ruth in Camel Coat"
"Babe Ruth in Camel Coat"Life size. Made of cast stone, glass eyes and acrylic paint. $3000.00 - People -