Kent Jacobson

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Kent Jacobson

Reproducing a likeness of a client's special request is the forte of Taylor and Jacobson. Producing primarily classic and contemporary pieces, past projects have included gold and sometimes gemstone-studded boats, cars, carrousel animals, pets and other subjects special to our clients. Always attracted to nature, Kent has produced wildlife jewelry in both precious metals and fine gems.

While concentrating on the jewelry business, he never lost focus on producing wildlife sculpture and paintings. Years of travel to Alaska, Canada and the lower 48 states in pursuit of fly fishing, brought him in contact with wildlife, including scores of bears. Naturally, bears, trout and salmon dominate his work.

A nine-foot walking brown bear, made up of cast stone, is proudly featured at the University of California Berkeley campus and the Lindsey Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek, California, has many of his sculptures. Private collectors worldwide own the majority of his paintings and sculptures as well as his custom jewelry. It is quite common for a collector to acquire Kent's art in all three media forms.

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