Kent Jacobson

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Kent Jacobson

Many of Kent's sculptures are animal busts, allowing for detail to be concentrated in the subjects head and face. Kent will frequently sculpt or paint subjects to the dimensions of animals recorded in the various fish and game record books.

Although his sculptures can be either wall or pedestal mounted, he prefers the pedestal mounts saying "I believe the pedestal honors the animal". Kent makes his own pedestals using natural granite and marble. Using intarsia techniques, he pieces together different colors of stone to form a design that compliments the subject.

Kent's paintings reflect his passion for the outdoors and in particular fly fishing. His use of colors to depict time of day combined with the natural colors of his subjects make his oil paintings spectacular.

Many years of observing nature allow have him to accurately reproduce the posture, attitude and behavior of his subjects. Most of Kent's original paintings are in oil on board or canvas and many have been reproduced by the giclee method on canvas.

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Kent Jacobson

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